Review: ILIA mascara in ‘ Nightfall’

ILIA is a natural beauty brand. Last year, I tried their Vivid Concealer and this time, I decided to give their mascara a go!
DSC02627 DSC02631 DSC02633

What it promises from the ILIA website:

~ naturally preserved

~ rich black shade

What it delivers:

FotorCreatedLet’s talk about the good. First, there are no toxic chemicals in this product. Second, it does not irritate my sensitive eyes. Third, it’s pretty versatile. I typically use one coat for daily wear but two coats can definitely amp up the look for a special occasion or evening event.

Now, onto the bad. My gripes are that it is a little clumpy. I prefer a mascara that separates and defines my lashes and this does not do that. What it does do is create lots of volume. I also found it hard to remove. There are some flakes around my eyes during removal and I even find flakes in my eyeballs.

The packaging of the product is simple yet luxe. The brush is made of rubber and has larger bristles on one side. I use the smaller side to coat the upper side of my upper lashes and the bigger side to coat the bottom part of my upper lashes. I don’t know what the purpose is for the different sized bristles and I wish the packaging came with directions. I couldn’t even find an explanation for the different sized bristles online!

Price point: $34 for 0.22 oz

Rating: B   

Final thoughts: Unfortunately, this mascara is not for me. I foudn it difficult to remove and that’s always a point of contention for me when it comes to mascara.

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah


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