2016 goals


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Things I’m grateful for in 2015:

  • C and I completed a renovation, took on a mortgage and moved into our old/new house
  • Cultivated a great relationship with my best friend and cat, Deedee
  • Turned another year older
  • Fasted during Ramadan (really long hours!)
  • Completed an interior design course and received a diploma
  • Books, books, books
  • My health – 2015 was full of health curveballs (eye cysts, skin issues and a UTI that reached my kidney). I healed from these and learned not to take my health for granted.
  • Visited my family in Singapore after waiting for 2 years

Things I’m looking forward to in 2016: 

  • Turning 27 in May
  • 8 year anniversary with C
  • Spending more time with family in Singapore (I’ll be flying there 3 times this year!)

Things I want to do in 2016: 

  • Finish ‘The Artist Way’
  • Continue to take care of my wellness via regular exercise, healthy diet and mental hygiene
  • Start the process for my driving test
  • Write
  • Keep track of money spent
  • Continue decorating and organizing the house

2 thoughts on “2016 goals

  1. Wow you had a busy year. Congrats on buying a home and renovating! I would love to see photos. My husband and I are looking for a house too. I’m sorry to hear about your health but am glad you’re doing better. I am working on improving my health this year too and saving money.

    • Hey Asa, it’s actually the home that The Boy grew up in so we didn’t buy a home (we could never afford to in Vancouver’s housing market) but we did renovate it. Good luck on your house hunt this year.

      I’m trying to watch my budget too and it helped that The Boy and I hashed out our monthly budget for this year sometime in January. 🙂

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