Home Organization & Decoration

The Boy and I have been at our renovated house for 5 months now. Home organization and decoration has been an ongoing process since we moved in but we took it pretty slow right before the holiday season. Since the new year, both of us have been reinvigorated about continuing to make the house a place we can call ‘home’.

Since completing my interior design diploma last year, I’ve garnered a new appreciation and skills to create a beautiful and functional living space. Our aesthetic is casual and relaxed with warm tones and natural materials such as wood.

I share with you some items we’ve got our eyes on for our home.

Entryway & Living Room

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We desperately need some sort of seating area/coat hanging area for guests in our entryway and this bench definitely looks the part. I like the combination of wood and metal which creates a rustic look. As for the living room, this shelf would be both modern and functional in the space for blankets and our prayer essentials (prayer mats etc).


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I’ve been wanting a bulletin board for my office space for so long and I think it’s about time I just got one! As for displaying my jewelry, I am loving these glass shadow boxes. I love that the linen back and gold hardware – it makes for a great contrast and fits right into the warm tones in the house.


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The Boy and I spend a lot of time at home cooking and eating together. Naturally, the kitchen is also a space where guests love to congregate.

I would love a chalkboard to put up on the wall for daily menus or positive notes. We also seem to be running out of storage containers. These glass ones would be a colorful addition to our current collection.

Most of our pots and pans are well-loved so it’s time to replace some of the older ones. We’re also looking for extra shelving in the kitchen and this shelving unit would look great with its grey toned wood and white metal shelves against our stainless steel appliances and warm white walls.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to create beautiful living spaces for yourself too.

Do you enjoy decorating and organizing your house? What items are you on the lookout for? 

xoxo your modern day renaissance woman, Syah


2 thoughts on “Home Organization & Decoration

  1. I love the look of those glass shadow boxes for jewellery. I saw a bunch of them on sale not long ago and was so tempted to buy one but I just don’t have the space to display them nicely. One day I will!

    • I love the look of them too 🙂 I’m tempted to buy them but am trying to save up for them as I already have a functioning jewelry box…

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