Seasonal Color Analysis I : Am I a Deep Autumn or Deep Winter?

Hi everyone, I’m really excited about this week’s blog post! I got a professional color analysis done on myself recently and I’ll be sharing my experience this week and next week. Here we go!

So…what is a color analysis and why the heck should anyone care? 

A color analysis is an analysis of what colors look best on you. We’re talking about the colors of your clothes as well as your makeup, your house, your furniture, maybe even the color of your cat (just kidding :P)

Last year, I attended a fashion event that highlighted the importance of dressing in your best colors and since then, I’ve been continually intrigued by my own colors.

There are many benefits for taking the time to determine what your best colors are:

  1. You look your best when you wear your best colors. Colors that complement you make you look more alive and highlights your best features, both physical and psychological.
  2. You feel happier, better and more at ease when you wear your best colors. I was very skeptical of this before doing my color analysis. After a few weeks of experimenting around with wearing my best colors, I can say first hand that this is actually true. It’s unexplainable until you give it a go yourself.
  3. You become a more intentional and empowered shopper. This is perhaps the most impactful reason to determine your colors. When you know what your best colors are, you are able to walk into a store with confidence and easily pick out what colors look best on you. Shopping with knowledge and self-confidence changes your shopping experience from drab aimlessness to empowered fun!

When I started my research into color analysis, I found many traditional methods of determining ‘your colors’. For example, a popular way is to tell if you have warm or cool undertones is to look at your veins. Are they blue or green? If they’re blue, you have cool undertones. If they’re warm, you have warm undertones. There’s a similar test with gold and silver jewelry. My gripe with these kinds of test were that I could never tell with my own veins as they looked both green and blue to me, just as gold and silver both look fine on me too.

When I stumbled upon Jen Thoden’s website, I really liked her comprehensive approach towards determining someone’s color analysis. Jen’s method acknowledges 12 possible colors or ‘seasons’.  Instead of the traditional 4 seasons i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, Jen breaks them down even further into 3 different subgroups for each season (Clear/Soft, Cool/Warm or Deep).

I tried out her online quiz but decided to get a professional color analysis done instead. It cost US$47 (I paid CAD$70). You get a final color study, a digital color palette of your best colors and a copy of your seasonal color and fashion style guide worth $US27 (CAD$40).

The whole process took only 2-3 days. Since Jen is based in Virginia, USA and I live in Vancouver, Canada, I was very impressed with her timeliness and personable nature over our digital communications.

At first, Jen requested some photos of me in colors that I thought I looked best in. She replied by saying that while she was sure I was ‘Deep’, she couldn’t tell if I was a deep autumn or winter. Can you tell from the pictures below if I am more of an autumn (warm toned/warmer) or winter (cool toned/cooler)?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jen then asked me for some close-up pictures of my eyes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After looking at my eyes, Jen sent me two pictures. She also let me know which color palette she thought I looked most ‘at home’ in. Which color palette do you think I look most at ease with? Let me know in the comments below! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next Friday, I’ll share the results of my color analysis, what I learned from the process and fashion-forward steps I’m taking with this newfound knowledge.

In the meantime, if you’re curious about your own seasonal color analysis, I highly recommend visiting Jen’s website. You can take the self-assessed online quiz or get a a professional color analysis done like I did.  Either way, I recommend doing it! After you know your colors, you can purchase a really useful fashion style guide suited to your season. If you were to do this, please let Jen know that you were referred by me. I get 50% commission on the sale of the style guides that way. #hustle

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know in the comments below if you’re curious about your own seasonal color analysis. And take a guess as to what mine is! See you next week 🙂

xoxo, Syah



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