Seasonal Color Analysis II: Deep Autumn Color Palette

Last week, I shared my experience on the process of getting a professional color analysis done and asked you to guess which color palette I was. Below are the options:

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For my final color study, Jen said it was obvious to her that I am ‘at home’ with the deep autumn color palette as the deep winter color palette is too intense and too cool for me. What do you think?


Deep Autumn color palette


photo credit: Jen Thoden

Prior to Jen’s professional color analysis, I was not sure whether I was a deep autumn or a deep winter. In fact, this was reflected in my closet as it had colors from both palettes. However, when I look at the pictures, it is obvious to me that I look more comfortable and at ease with deep autumn colors like olive, teal, burgundy and mauve.

According to Jen, deep autumns are frequently confused for deep winters. I am a deep autumn as I have a warm undertone and dark eyes and hair.

After receiving my final color study, Jen sent me the deep autumn style guide. I have found this guide incredibly useful. Here are a few ways I use it:

  1. I organized and de-cluttered my closet with it. I’ve de-cluttered my closet several times before so this is not a new process to me. This time however, I found myself smiling when I looked at the colors in my closet after the process was over. I donated and consigned a fair number of items but I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of items I already owned that fit into my color palette.
  2. I refer to it when I shop for clothes. I downloaded the style guide on my smartphone so I can easily refer to it when I shop. I’ve successfully added some neutrals and introduced a few colored trousers into my closet. When I walk into a store now, I feel more confident as I’m able to zero in on what looks best. I rarely get distracted or overwhelmed anymore and am able to shop with intention.
  3. I put outfits together with it. Everyday, I whip out this style guide to ensure that the different aspects of my outfit are coordinated. Even The Boy has noticed that my outfits look more chic and colourful. While I appreciate the current minimalist trend focused on grey, black and white, I love the art of embracing color in dress. As someone with a color palette devoid of black and white, I’ve been enjoying my exploration into the wonderful shades of greens, purples, reds and blues in my color palette. I especially look forward to adding more orange and yellow into my closet.

I’ve found so many wonderful uses for this style guide. If you are interested in purchasing a style guide, please let Jen know that you were referred by me as I get 50% commission on any sale I refer.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the significance of getting a professional color analysis. I was quite skeptical at first and hesitant to pay for this service but upon reflection, it was money well-spent for the invaluable knowledge I gained on how to dress  myself to look and feel my best. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to elevate their personal style.

Are you curious about your own seasonal color palette? Have you done a color analysis before or thinking of getting a color analysis done? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Syah 




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