How-To: Have a Great Bath Experience

As life gets busier when you get older, you often forget to do the things you once enjoyed as a child. As a kid, bathing was a rare but special occasion for me. It would only happen if I could get permission to use my parents’ master bathroom, the only bathroom in the house with a tub.

When The Boy and I were renovating our house last year, one of the things I insisted on was a bathtub in our master bathroom. I love the one we chose. 6 feet of pure, unadulterated gloriousness beckoning me to sink into its delightful warm abyss of love. Yup, still talking about a bathtub here ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I try to take a bath once a week and when I do, I find myself grinning like a silly little kid. ย Below, I share 5 steps for a great bath experience. I hope this post inspires you to take that bath you’ve been putting off or put aside some time this weekend to reconnect with your kid self.

Step 1: Pre-bath treatment

I like to exfoliate every day before jumping in the shower but it feels extra special to do it before a bath. I use a dry brush and hop into the shower. You could use a more traditional body scrub while in the bath or DIY your own.

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Step 2 : Create sensory enjoyment

Sensory stimulation is so important during bathtime. I love to create the wonderful smell of lavender by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil into my epsom salt bath. You could also light a candle – I stopped lighting candles as a precaution for my overly curious cat.

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Use 2 cups or 500 g per bath

Step 3: Stay hydrated! ย 

Make sure to keep hydrated during bath time. I like to ensure that my bath is warm, not hot. I keep my bkr water bottle and a bottle of facial mist next to me so I stay hydrated throughout bathtime.

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my trusty bkr water bottle and La-Roche Posay facial mist

Step 4: Do a relaxing activity.

I like watching youtube videos when I’m in the bath. I’ve bookmarked this DIY tutorial for a bath shelf. Once I make it, I can start reading books in the bath without getting them wet.

Step 5: Post-bath pampering

Post-bath is a great time to moisturize as your skin is more receptive while dap. I like to hop out of the bath and rinse myself quickly in the shower. I follow that up with a generous lather of jojoba oil.

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I like the mess-free dropper in this brand of jojoba oil.

I’ve found that the secret to taking a bath is to just enjoy it! Let the process of getting ready get you excited for soaking in the tub. While you’re soaking, try not to hang on to any stressful thoughts. Even a 10 -20 minute soak is enough to clear the mind and heal the body. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you like taking baths? If so, how often do you allow yourself the time to indulge in a bath?ย 

xo, Syah


2 thoughts on “How-To: Have a Great Bath Experience

  1. Your bathtub looks absolutely divine!!! I’d take baths too if I had that tub. Mine is very basic and it’s really meant for showering in.
    Baths sound so pampering – great tips! ๐Ÿ™‚

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