Hair and Now: February 2015

L.A. Reid once said that the most distingusihing feature of a pop star is their hair. I’m no pop star but I totally agree! Hair has the power to transform how you look on the outside and feel on the inside.

In December, I colored my hair darker than it’s ever been in a while (check it out here). I found the color to be a bit too cool for me. As a result, it looked a little harsh against my warm skintone. My previous highlights had also started poking through at the ends resulting in a maroon tone.

This week, Beth colored my hair a dark chestnut, keeping the darkness I like but adding in more warmth. Dark chestnut is very close to my natural hair color 🙂

My hair grows fast and is thick so it tends to fall flat on the crown and drag down when it’s longer. Beth re-extended my layers to create more volume and bounce in my hair.

Processed with VSCO

new hair 🙂


Beth used this volumizing spray as a pre-styling treatment before blowdrying and curling my ends.

Processed with VSCO

Unite Boosta Spray

I felt like a million bucks after Beth was complete. I wish I could wear it like this everyday!

I want to practice styling my own hair. Does anyone have online tutorials they recommend for learning how to blowdry, curl and style hair? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Syah


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