Five Things: Sunrise & Sunset

One of the best things about South East Asia is the ease of travel in the region. I went to Krabi, Thailand this past week for a short getaway and it was a great time away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.


Sundown on the first day. The rock formations are so beautiful and reminded me of some scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.


Sunset in Krabi

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.16.59 PM

Sunrise in Krabi the following morning. I love the palm trees in this photo.


Aonang Beach in midday. At one point, the boats (seen docked in this picture) were making their way into the bay through the rock faces (left of this picture). It looked like a fleet of pirate ships coming in for a land attack!


Back in Singapore, there are majestic sunsets too..if only one cares to look. 🙂

xo, Syah


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