Healthy Morning Habits

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A beautiful sunrise never fails to induce a sense of awe in me. Is it any wonder then that I’ve been a morning person for as long as I can remember?

In today’s post, I share a few things I do in the morning that give me a bolt of energy to start my day off right. I wish I could say that I did all of these things every single day but I don’t. That said, I find that doing a couple of these things still make me feel much better than if I did none at all.

  1. Pray 

When I wake up in time, I do the morning prayer. Some days are definitely harder than others especially in the summer when the sun rises before 6am. If I don’t get up in time, I say a silent prayer in bed before I start the day. I like praying in the morning because it’s quiet. I feel most at ease when I pray and give thanks in the morning.

2. Do the bed 

After prayer, I do the bed. Doing the bed is a habit that was instilled in me since I was little. I carried this habit onto my university days at the dorm and now, as an adult. Making the bed in the morning helps me feel instantly accomplished. A clean and neat bed is a surefire way to start my day off right.

3. Yoga 

I try to do yoga for at least 15 minutes each day when I can. I like physically waking up my body with yoga because I feel more centered and energized once it’s complete.

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4. Eat a filling breakfast 

Some days I prefer sweet and some days I prefer savoury. When I am craving sugar, I make a smoothie bowl. When I want something savoury, I eat eggs. If my pantry is stocked, I’ll eat some rice or bread and sausages with my eggs.

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5. Write

I take pride in the fact that I call myself a writer. As such, I try to write everyday. When I am able to, I write in the morning (3 pages longhand). I got into the habit of this when I read The Artist’s Way last year. I can vent, complain and purge all my emotions and worries safely onto the page. This habit clears my mind for the rest of the day. I do find that I tend to be more anxious or crabby when I neglect my writing.

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6. Shower

I finish off my morning routine with a shower. I work from home and it’s tempting to neglect a morning shower and work in my pajamas all day. I find that getting ready in the morning, like anyone else with a job outside the home, really motivates me. I like selecting my outfit for the day and after the shower, I feel ready for the day ahead.

What are some things you do in the morning that help you feel motivated ? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Syah


2 thoughts on “Healthy Morning Habits

  1. I always eat breakfast! Or else I can’t function. I like to do some stretching too – helps to get the blood flowing. 🙂

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