Flower Class with Celsia Flower School

For the past few years, I’ve consciously pursued my creative interests. This has led me to explore my love of writing but also, expand my creativity in fields like performance art, fashion and interior design.

This year, I am set on learning how to arrange flowers, do modern calligraphy and sew.

Last night, I had a blast learning how to create a beautiful flower arrangment courtesy of the teachings of Johanna and her team from Celsia Floral.


The beautiful entrance that greeted me

Celsia Floral is a Vancouver-based businuess owned by Johanna Siu. Johanna is also the Creative Director and Floral Designer of Celsia Floral. I met Johanna in-person last night and her passion for everything floral was clear as day.

The event was called ‘For the Love of Peonies’ and it was held at The Cross, an interior design store in downtown Vancouver.



Purple window and a great window display? Check.

I had heard so much about this store and finally had a brilliant excuse to trek downtown. The Cross did not disappoint – the store was filled with interior design goodies and it took all of my willpower to stop myself from purchasing every little bib and bob.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with the flower class set-up.


The set-up


Each workstation was equipped with a beautiful ceramic vase, some chicken wire and a little canvas bag with a pair of floral snips. Personally, I couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful watercolour on the tag!


And then you had the beautiful ‘supplies’ for the night.


Our ‘supplies’

Flower class started with preparation.  For the vase we were using, we placed chicken wire and some clear tape on the vase to create a foundation for the flowers.


Then, we moved on to learning about the purpose of foliage. I learned that foliage determines the shape of the floral arrangment. An example of foliage we used are olive leaves.


Flower arrangment demonstration. The folks at Celsia Floral make it look so easy!

After putting in the foliage, we moved on to putting in the blooms. As the name of the class suggests, we had the chance to work with beautiful blooms particularly peonies. The ‘supplies’ for the class were truly spectacular.

After an hour and a half of work, our arrangments were done! I had a lot of help from Johanna and her team of floral experts who were available for advice and suggestions the entire class.


My creation

I learned so much from this session. My main learning was that flower arranging is more than just taking a bunch of flowers and placing them in a vase. Flower arrangments take real forethought, a good grasp of design philosophy combined with a trained artistic eye to create beautiful floral creations.

After the class, I was particularly moved by the smiles from strangers as I walked down the street, holding my creation. I was reminded about the power of creating art – a beautiful flower arrangment can inspire awe and bring happiness.


On the dining table

I loved my time at the class last night and can’t wait to take more classes with Celsia Flower School. In fact, I went to the library today to check out a book that Johanna recommended. I’m glad I followed my gut and took, what seemed like, a random class on flowers because I now have a newfound interest!


If you live in Vancouver, I highly encourage that you check out Celsia Floral. Their Instagram handle is @celsiafloral. It’s always fun to be creative and learn something new. You never know what it might ignite!

Are you interested in pursuing a new or rediscovering an old interest/hobby/passion? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Syah




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