Currently Coveting: Office Decor

I’ve been working from the dining table since we moved in last summer. While that was fun for a while, it quickly became a distraction when I wanted to do actual work on my computer.

I’m in the process of setting up my own office space at home so I wanetd to share a few things I have my eye on to kick the space up a notch.

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Corkboard – A perfect place to vision board and put up inspirational quotes and pictures or ideas for my next big fashion, makeup, writing or interior design idea.

Push pins – These own push pins are so cute and perfect for dressing up an otherwise boring corkboard.

Expanding file folder – A special folder for my writing with an honest reminder on the front.

In/out tray – Useful for filing away important documents like insurance claims.

Highlighters – Poppin makes great pens so this highlighter set should be equally excellent.

Paper tray – A beautiful clear acrylic tray to store printer paper.

Notepad – This notepad is from a local Etsy businuess based in Vancouver, useful for the multiple lists I make everyday.

Pencil holder – I love the clear acrylic and gold accent in this pencil holder. Very chic!

Agate bookends – The exposed agate in these bookends are both luxe and earthy – totally my style.

Desk shelf – This shelf doubles as a monitor lift or provides extra storage on the desktop.

Do you work from home? What does your office space look like? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Syah


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