Why I Write Beauty Reviews


Hello dear readers,

I usually publish a new post every Friday but I felt the need to write a short piece on why I write beauty reviews.

I’m a writer. Among other things, I’ve written and published non-fiction, poetry, comedic pieces and political commentary. Why then, do I also write beauty reviews?

It’s easy to dismiss beauty reviews as frou-frou non-essentials. Well, most things associated with femininity are easy to dismiss.

As a woman of color, specifically a young South-East Asian Malay woman, it is very difficult for me to find reviews for products (green or otherwise) that work specifically for for me. I have a specific skin type, skin color, hair type and hair color that was gifted to me via genetics. I also lead a lifestyle with values that center around creativity, holistic wellness and green living.

I write beauty reviews to help others who look like me or for others who live a similar lifestyle.

It took a long time for me to appreciate my own beauty and to understand that I was beautiful…or even that being beautiful was something worth being.

I hope my beauty reviews help all of you out there who are going through similar experiences.

xo, Syah


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