My Favorite Fashion Books

I love to read and I love fashion so it was a no brainer that I love reading about fashion! This week, I’m talking about my favorite books on fashion.


  1. Coco Chanel by Lisa Chaney


A thoroughly enlightening read – it is an honest examination that Coco Chanel’s life, her achievements and failures as the modern Western woman.

I got this book by accident. I was waiting for a friend and decided to seek refuge at a second-hand bookstore. For the umpteenth time, I tried and failed to not purchase a book in my random bookstore adventures.

Chaney starts by tracing Coco Chanel’s ancestry and ends with her legacy after her death. I had no idea how much Coco Chanel influenced the 20th century – from women’s fashion to businuess, the arts and beyond, her story is truly one-of-a-kind. Coco Chanel is an enduring inspiration and testament for self-made women everywhere.

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2. Stoned by Aja Raden


If you love jewelry like I do, this book will appeal to the jewel-hoarding dragon inside of you.

One of my favorite jewelry designers, Leah Alexandra, posted a recent Instagram photo of this book. I immediately searched for it in my local library and got my hands on a copy the very next day!

This book recounts Western history through the perspective of jewels. Raden is an engaging writer and she talks about diamonds and emeralds within the context of Western colonization,  pearls in relation to Queen Elizabeth I and Japan, Russian Imperial eggs and historic timepieces. I found this a very entertaining and enlightening read. Not to mention, I had to fight off a strange need to constantly stare at my own jewelry collection and an odd desire to own more…

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3. Living in Style by Rachel Zoe


An absolutely essential read if you love boho-glam West Coast style.

This book is jam-packed with fashion advice from what bags to invest in, how to build your ‘hero kit’ of makeup, how to travel in style and interior design inspiration. I love Rachel Zoe’s style philosophy but my favorite part of this book is the historical perspective she provides on the evolution of fashion in the West.

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Have you read any of these books or plan to? Do you have some favorite books on fashion, makeup or lifestyle?

Please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

xo, Syah


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Fashion Books

    • Amazing! Fashion books are definitely a special category of books for me…Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for stopping by xo

      • I love Rachel Zoe, I don’t have the book you showed I have her first book. Also I love the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen book and Victoria Beckhams book! I need to go shopping for more 😁

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