Hair and Now: August 2016

In which I go short. But not *that* short. But shorter than I’ve ever gone since 2013.

FullSizeRender 4IMG_0207FullSizeRender

Also, my hair is purple. A purple-brown.

Beth colored sections of my hair into a purple-mauve color as inspired by the colors on my blouse. Then, she darkened the base to a neutral color and toned the oak highlights I got from July. I really loved the lob haircut from June so she gave me a shorter, collarbone length lob.

Perfect pre-fall hair!

Are you thinking of making any changes to your hair this fall?

xo, Syah 



2 thoughts on “Hair and Now: August 2016

  1. Ooh I love the colour! It does coordinate well with your blouse! 😆 Did she have to strip your hair first before applying the mauve colour?

    • Nope, she didn’t! She just applied it on first then she did 2 other colors to my hair (toning the oak highlights from July and darkening the roots). xo

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