Summer 2016 in Photos

Now that summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sit down and reflect on the past season. I’ve been so grateful that I’ve been feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time this past season.

The biggest revelation this summer was that I finally started taking my writing seriously. I’m currently working on a fiction novel which I’m really excited about. This has been a huge step of my self-acceptance and self-love.

Below are some moments I would like to share with you from my summer. Enjoy!

All The Food 

I decided to consciously increase the intake of vegetables and seafood in my diet this summer and reduce my meat intake. I’m fortunate enough to live in a place where I have access to organic and local produce and even more fortunate that I am able to afford them.


Vietnamese prawn wraps from Anh and Chi on Main Street


3 ingredient brownies: Bananas, almond butter and cocoa powder. Yummy!


Delicious grilled chicken skewers with vegan tomato soup on rice


Vegan banana pancakes


All the veggies


Delicious Red bean cake from Uncle Tetsu in Toronto


Homemade lodeh and ‘ayam masak merah’ for Eid 2016


Honey Joys all pretty for Eid 2016


Ripe mangos ( they come once a year in Vancouver)


Eating a hurricane potato at Greek Day Festival 2016


Shared this sundae with my 2 best friends


Homemade ‘satay ayam’ with ‘sos kacang’ for Eid 2016


Goodies from the farmer’s market!


New sushi place obsession: Sushi Bella on West 4th


Raspberry & Goat cheese ice cream from Earnest Ice Cream, a local ice cream company


Places I’ve Been 

This summer, Mr. Man and I had a weekend of adventures in Toronto for the first time together. We also went hiking at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver which was so beautiful.


Beautiful sunset in Downtown Vancouver


View from my bedroom window


At the local farmer’s market


Flying to Toronto


Victorian Italianate architecture in Toronto


Grinning at Lynn Canyon Park


Clear waters at Lynn Canyon waterfall


Tall trees that have seen a lot of history


Emerald pool at Lynn Canyon Park

The Creative Life 

In addition to working on my fiction novel, I took a bunch of summer classes starting with flower arranging in May. Then, I did some drawing, sewing and calligraphy classes.


3 pages a day, every day. Morning pages.


Beginner calligraphy materials


Sewing action


Sewing results!


Beauty & Fashion 

In the spring, I did a huge spring cleaning of my entire wardrobe and recyled/donated/consigned anything that I wasn’t liking anymore. I even got a personalized color palette consulatation (click here for more on that process). I also switched up my cosmetics to a greener, healthier routine. It was so refreshing to be rid of that old, stale and low energy I’d been carrying around with me for a few years and start fresh both inside and out.


Gemstone bracelet from a friend for my birthday


Testing out May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver


New tote bag from my sewing classes


Experimenting with color in my hair


Testing out Rahua beauty


Fresh faced summer look with all-natural, non-toxic makeup


Things I’m looking forward to in Fall 2016

September: Celebrating our anniversary with Mr. Man

October: Celebrating Mr. Man’s birthday in a special place

November: Getting back to work on my book

Do you have any special moments from this summer? What are you looking forward to in the fall? Let me know in the comments section below! 

xo, Syah 


One thought on “Summer 2016 in Photos

  1. What a great round up!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Toronto. 🙂 My favourite thing from Uncle Tetsu is their Matcha Madeleine – I know everyone goes crazy over their cheesecake but I find it too bland.
    That 3 ingredient brownie – I want to try making it!
    Great job on the sewing – I miss having a sewing machine. 😛

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