My Style Icons

As someone interested in fashion, I have consumed countless amounts of fashion media throughout my life. I’ve watched videos, read books, flipped through magazines and scrolled through Instagram feeds. I’m that person on the street who will tell you that I like your coat. I’m the person in the movie theater who will comment on the cut of the actor’s trousers on-screen. I’m the person in store who will talk to sales associates about the trials of wearing flared pants in the rain. I love fashion.

Style is more elusive. To me, the word speaks to an enduring quality or an essence of a person. Above all else, style is about understanding who you are followed by an expression of that understanding.

I share some of my favorite style icons below.

Let’s start with Sarah Harris, the editor of British Vogue. In the video below, we take a look inside the closet of two British Vogue editors. You get a definite impression that while they are two very different styles, they are each comfortable in their own essence.

Sarah has a very pared down sense of style. Things are organized and simplified in her wardrobe. I love her timeless and ageless approach to dressing.

I particularly appreciate Sarah Harris’s physical closet. You know you’re a baller when your closet looks like a jewellery box in the middle of your bedroom.

Next is Yasmin Sewell, the director of – Vogue’s online shopping destination.

I love Yasmin’s eclectic approach to dressing. She doesn’t shy away from color and prints.

I particularly appreciate that she is able to combine and express masculine and feminine energies through her clothing choices. That green Gucci jacket is EVERYTHING.

Caroline De Maigret is a French model. There’s a lot of hype right now around how French women dress, eat, have sex and do just about everything. I can’t say I subscribe to a lot of it but I do appreciate Caroline’s style.

The thing I like most about her style is her punk rock sensibility. Her way of making clothes individual to herself, and her tip on adding ‘attitude’ when wearing said clothes, is key to anyone with great style.

I also like her hair. It’s wonderfully effortless and unapolegetically unkempt.

Lastly, we have Miranda Kerr who is an Australian supermodel and founder/CEO of the beauty brand, Kora Organics.

What I like about Miranda is her polished yet fun style. I also appreciate that she acknowledges her ‘old-fashioned’ sensibilities.

Her answer to the question about saving clothes in the event of a fire is classic. At the end of the day, clothes are just clothes. Sure, they help you express who you are, where you’re going or even who you might want to be. The most important lesson is the recognition that clothes are simply an accessory to your inner self.

I’ve been told that I have ‘great style’ and conversely, that the way I dress is ‘strange’ or ‘weird’. Beyond external presentations, style speaks to an awareness and expression of your inner self. Some people will like how you dress and others will not. All that matters is that you remain true to yourself. Style can and will only come from authenticity.

xo, Syah 



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