About Syah

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Syah is a writer who is originally from Singapore but is now based in Vancouver, Canada.

Having lived in multiple different countries including Singapore, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and now, Canada, Syah knows the importance of staying true to yourself.

Early in her life, Syah realized that her passions lay in many different fields.  She has a background in Women’s Studies and Psychology with an extensive focus on social justice and counselling. She also has a diploma in Interior Design.

Syah embraces her never-ending desire for learning and interconnectedness.Currently, she is working on her first work of fiction.

Syah’s passion for creativity combine with a drive for holistic wellness and authenticity in this blog, where she offers product reviews, outfit posts and lifestyle tips for the modern renaissance woman.

updated:  February 2017

4 thoughts on “About Syah

    • Thank you so much! I am working on the post to pay it forward right now 🙂 Great questions too by the way!

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