All work is covered by implied copyright. Copying, republishing, reposting, uploading or duplicating of content, photos and material is prohibited without express written permission from the editor of this blog (me!). Please do not use, copy or republish my content on your blogs, websites, message boards, ebay accounts etc. without receiving my explicit permission. I put a lot of hard work (time, money, sweat, blood, tears) into this blog and each post takes hours of time in research, testing, swatching, photographing and writing. Please be considerate of the work I have created.


All posts on this blog are written based on my personal experiences and opinions. I strive to be as detailed and accurate as possible with photographs but colors, textures, pigments, longevity, experiences etc. of products may vary from person to person and from computer screen to computer screen. I am not a medical expert or licensed professional – just a passionate, creative person.

Do you purchase the products on your blog?

All products featured on this blog were purchased on my own unless otherwise stated.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to collaborate with me, please email me at stylesyahxo@gmail.com.

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